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BugsVoice is an online service which has a monthly cost which is 39 USD / month (in Euro, / month).

This price covers up to 10 owned applications.

The monthly cost for an unlimited number of licenses is 199 USD / month (in Euro, / month).


The possibility to buy will be activated once BugsVoice exits from beta. It will be possible to buy any number of months of usage.


What happens when BugsVoice goes final, i.e. beta ends?

All your data will be preserved. You will get another 30 days of free usage.

What happens to my data if I stop paying?

When your paid account service expires, contents for the button clicks will no longer be served.
Data will still be on our service and you will be able to access it. Any time you can re-enable the service by paying for it. You can permanently remove all data with the "delete" buttons in the settings section when logged.

May prices change?

Yes: see here for details.

Are refunds possible?

If you are not satisfied with the service, there is a refund for any payment for which less than 30 days have passed since we received it. See here for details.

This is a Beta version: hence, it contains bugs and incomplete sections, is free, and gets frequently updated.
For pointing out bugs and suggesting improvements, go here. Version: beta (build 13551)

What a cool bugs trapping service!