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How BugsVoice works

This is how the basic service works:

- You enroll on this site, pick an error template, then go to "configure error trapping" where BugsVoice generates a script to paste and adapt in your application.

- Get back to your application or web server: you should paste the script it in a centralized "error trapping" page or point in your code where you can print it out on the response.

This way BugsVoice is already running, serving friendly error pages and saving the exceptions and feedbacks on your account.

So if you get a trapped exception in your application (or in your web server), this will print out the script copied from your BugsVoice account, display the friendly error page to your customers, and collect their eventual feedback. All this will be saved in your account, and you can access any time to inspect the bug, feedback the customer etc. :-) .

More details

An introduction to BugsVoice rules engine: Solving the "halting problem"...

How to contribute a sample error trapping page for your favorite technology. Once approved, you get a full free year of usage.

Some questions

Does it cost? If yes, how much?

BugsVoice is a commercial service; first 30 days of usage are a free trial. For pricing read here.

I'm scared! Should I keep my site comments on your service?

For privacy policy and terms of service see here. BugsVoice is hosted by Open Lab on dedicated servers at the RimuHosting server farm.

Are you real people? Can I see what you are doing?

Yes we are humans :-) - for our mission and help read here.

Are the evil bugs going to get me soon?

Just behave yourself and you'll be fine.

This is a Beta version: hence, it contains bugs and incomplete sections, is free, and gets frequently updated.
For pointing out bugs and suggesting improvements, go here. Version: beta (build 13551)

What a cool bugs trapping service!