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About and mission

BugsVoice is an online service that serves friendly error pages to your applications in case something goes wrong and you "trapped" the exception, either from your application or by configuring the application web server. The bugs received on your account get collected online and are at all time available for you to verify and manage them.

Our mission is managing online bugs and feedback from your applications, letting you focus on core development.

Getting help

BugsVoice is developed and supperted by a small but highly motivated team; you can meet us online and follow our activity and ideas through our blogs and tweets. See the complete staff here.

Submit/vote feature requests: http://bugsvoice.uservoice.com
Follow developments: blog - twitter stream
Post about BugsVoice on Twitter: post to Twitter

Direct contact:
E-mail: info@bugsvoice.com
Fax: +39 055 582451
Phone: +39 055 5522779
Time zone: 'Central European Time'
(6 hours ahead of New York)
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Company’s HQ:
Open Lab
Via Venezia 18b
50121 Florence - Italy

Other products: Patapage "More options for your website users" - Teamwork "Shared work is half done"

This is a Beta version: hence, it contains bugs and incomplete sections, is free, and gets frequently updated.
For pointing out bugs and suggesting improvements, go here. Version: beta (build 13551)

What a cool bugs trapping service!